About Greg Stein

Juniata Township Board of Supervisors Chairman Supervisor Retired Defense Contractor


Reference the ALERTS Page for additional detail on Weather, Road Work and Delays.

8/11/2023 – Corbins Bridge Improvement Project. See ALERTS page for detail.

Get on the Agenda! Please!

Please contact the Township Secretary no later than the Friday before each monthly meeting if you have a request that will require action by the Board of Supervisors. Failing to be on the agenda means that necessary resources may not be available to discuss your request. (for example, Attorney, Engineer, Sewage and Code Enforcement) Not being on the meeting agenda will delay action by the Board of Supervisors until the next public meeting (30 days).

BUILDING PERMITS are required in Juniata Township

New construction, additions, porches, out buildings, etc. require building permits. The Township can help you avoid costly construction and site mistakes.

Failure to obtain a permit can lead to costly penalties and can be avoided with the assistance of Code Enforcement.

Contact: 814-643-0430 for more information and assistance.